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Co-op Academy Medlock follows the Manchester City Council School admissions pathway.

Details of this can be found here: Apply for a primary school place

If you would like to apply directly to Medlock, please fill in the following form and hand it in to the Office staff. They will then apply the Manchester City Council pathway to your application on your behalf.

Application can be unsuccessful because of the following ‘oversubscription’ criteria.

Download our Admission Form from here, print it out and return to the school office. You will need to show a birth certificate to verify your child’s date of birth.

If no place is available you have the right to appeal. Appeals have to be in line with the following over subscription criteria.


Oversubscription Criteria

Category 1
children who are looked after by a local authority and children who were previously looked after by a local authority. Previously looked after children are children who were looked after, but ceased to be so because they were adopted (or became subject to a residence order or special guardianship order);

Category 2
children with exceptional medical/social needs;

Category 3
children with a sibling at the school;

Category 4
all other children

Within each category applicants, will be prioritised according to the distance between the child’s permanent address and the school. Distance will be measured in a straight line from the centre point of the child’s permanent home address to the centre point of the school as defined by Local Land and Property Gazetteer (LLPG), and using the Local Authority’s computerised measuring system, with those living closer to the school receiving higher priority.


Category 2 - children with exceptional medical/social needs

A panel of Local Authority officers will consider Category 2 applications on behalf of the Director of Children’s Services.

If a parent has chosen a particular school because the child has exceptional social or medical circumstances or the parent is disabled, this should be indicated with the reasons for choosing the school. Parents must also provide a letter from a doctor or social worker as supporting evidence. The LA will then send a category 2 application form allowing the parent to state in full the exceptional social/medical reasons why the child should attend this school.

If supporting evidence is not supplied with a category 2 application the application will be refused.

Category 3 – Sibling

A sibling is defined as a brother or sister attending the applied for school when the applicant will take up the place and living at the same address. This includes adopted siblings, step-siblings and foster children;

Siblings who are in a nursery class of the primary school will not give the applicant a sibling priority.

If your application is unsuccessful and would like to appeal, please click here.